Δ You Either Build or Destroy Δ

The ancient Egyptians, along with many other cultures believed that you either build or destroy. To build is to elevate your conscious experience, as well as the experience of others around you through positive thoughts, emotions, and actions, moving energy forward, never backward. This positive forward momentum translates into prosperity, loving relationships, and creative expansion. To destroy is to ruin your conscious experience as well as the experience of others by allowing negativity to diminish the positive. Builders & Believers expresses the core principle that we are all builders of our experience in this world, and our beliefs are what guide our actions that either build or destroy. As the saying goes, there’s nothing new under the sun. The symbols on this T-shirt are borrowed from ancient Egyptian concepts, which include, the Eye of Horus, the great Pyramids, and the
divine order of Ma’at.

The Eye of Horus, which came from the sun God RA who carries the light (the sun), represents consciousness, experienced by the individual as well as the greater all knowing and all seeing consciousness of the collective. The collective is the aggregate totality of all that exist, connected and functioning as one living dynamic intelligence. Just as a neuron has it’s own individual function and consciousness, it is still connected to the greater intelligence, which is the brain.

Consciousness, which is symbolically represented as light throughout many belief systems, allows one to see and experience the world. What is unseen, remains in the darkness of the shadows, yet it still can control you because you’re unaware of its influence. You can think of your shadow as the parts of the self that hold you back, such as negative patterns of behavior that automatically run below the threshold of awareness. The light of consciousness helps you become aware of the things you see within your shadows. What lies within the shadow is beyond the light, you can’t see it, which is why shadow work is to bring the contents of your shadow into the light of consciousness. This work enables you to intimately know and accept yourself to truly begin the work of being in control, rather than your shadow running the show silently in the background of your consciousness. This is what it means to know thyself, as this inner light that shines will illuminate your inner universe.
Any experience and goal that is not in harmony with your subconscious internal condition will create resistance and present an obstacle between you and your goals, making life more difficult for you. Many of us pass through life projecting what’s going on inside our heads, constantly trying to make what’s outside us match what’s inside our internal condition, trying to change everyone and everything around us, in a very tiring exhausting way. The fastest most efficient way to change what we experience is to change what’s inside our internal world. Not just through positive thinking, but a deep inner cleanse of confronting what resides in our shadow, working through the karma that is holding us back, as well as getting in tune with our mind-body through proper thought, emotion, and action (especially diet).

In order to create the experience you want, you have to believe in your abilities and see the light of Truth about your inner and outer world. This work will provide you with the tools to navigate and change them in the present moment. Align your attitudes with what you should do, not what you want to do, pursuing the victories of the soul over circumstance. As a builder, belief is an integral part of manifesting what you want in this world. It is what channels your intention to take action toward your goals. You’re an expression of the Creator, and as a Creator, imagination and inspiration are the paths to open up the interior world. To imagine is to see, to be inspired is to feel what you see, both cultivate the grand vision of your life’s architecture, believe.

The Eye of Horus also represents the eye of the Creator, always watching you, ensuring that you always instill the will of the Creator by building positive experiences for you and others in this world instead of destroying them. What you refuse to see within yourself is always seen by the creator, who will continually place obstacles in your path that force you to reconcile and awaken your inner universe with light. It is this symbolic truth of light that enables you to see what is holding you back from building a better reality for yourself.

This all seeing eye of creation not only sees you but it mirrors back to you what you put out into the world. This is why the inner eye which is an appendage of the all seeing eye (ie, referring to the analogy of the brain neuron and the greater intelligent brain) allows one to understand the causal factors of our experience. Without this understanding, we will continue to create the same experiences that hold us back. The creator doesn’t just see you when you’re at your best moments, it sees you all the time. At each instant, you’re at the presence of the most unimaginable divinity. When confronted with karmic challenges of the ego, recall and remember the presence of your inner divinity. Exercise the will of your conscious to remember the Creator and observe yourself in the moment as the Creator sees you.

We are all builders. Masons who continually create our collective experience. The pyramid is a symbolic representation of the architecture we create in our reality. It starts by building a strong foundation, and working towards a refined pinnacle, aiming towards a higher order, building a better world for yourself and others. The point emerging from this is that it takes time and effort to do this inner work, hence the slogan, Brick by Brick. We exist to find duty toward our own inner light, our own inner divinity. For the divine to perform it’s duty, we have to do ours. It is about building a world that is in harmony with the divine order of natural law and bettering yourself by continually building and refining yourself.

“As above, so below, so within, so without”

According to the ancient Egyptians, the world that we create through our thoughts, emotions, and actions should be aligned with the natural law principles of Ma’at. This isn’t a Goddess to be worshiped literally, but a symbolic representation and reminder of principles that should be taken seriously in everyday life. The Goddess Ma’at represents Truth, Balance, Equality, Reciprocity, Order, Justice, Harmony, Growth, and Peace. This principle represented by the Goddess Ma’at keeps us internally ordained to live the truth, doing that which our inner light tells us is right. As long as we don’t step outside of natural law, we have nothing to fear because the truth will always be on our side.

The five pointed stars in the design point upward to the heavens, symbolizing our higher self. This star is not to be confused with the 5 pointed star that points down to our lower nature, as both stars regardless of the direction they point in are assumed to be demonic symbology by some religious communities.

These basic principles build off of a body of knowledge that is much deeper and far more vast than what has been addressed so far. Sadly, much is still misunderstood about these ancient Egyptian symbols and concepts as it has become swept up in conspiracy theories, dark occultism, and misinformation. We have to get out of the mindset of assuming that this collective body of knowledge is evil or created by people in secret societies who want to control and dominate the world.

The Truth is, as any body of knowledge can be used to build or destroy, this collection of knowledge can be abused as well. Just as one can use math to engineer many things, from bridges to bombs, that doesn’t make the language of math inherently good or evil. What you do with the tool is judged by the intention of the one who wields it, just as a hammer can be used to build or bludgeon.

It is without question that there are some selfish individuals at the top of society’s pyramid who have perverted these teachings and misrepresented its true essence. In a world of duality, there is a dark side of all bodies of knowledge and belief systems. The inconvenient Truth is, the more knowledge one has, the more tools one has to manipulate people who possess less knowledge, which is why the wool has been pulled over the eyes of those who don’t benefit from the system of control, to awaken is to threaten a system which doesn’t benefit you. This knowledge has been perverted for the selfish aims of the few because they could see the potential of what a system based on secrecy, manipulation, and control would afford them.

On the other hand knowledge can be used in a progressive way to help end the unnecessary karmic suffering we impose on ourselves and the people around us. Builders can use either the light of Truth and understanding to build their reality, or they can use divisiveness, manipulation, and deception to create their reality. Some people attempt to build barriers between people and divide people’s minds, creating barriers to psychological freedom, poisoning the mind with ideas that hold one back and keep one in the dark. Dark masons or light masons, either way, we’re all masons of the moment.

What is your undertaking in the grand architecture of reality? When you turn over a US dollar bill and see the latin phrase “ANNUIT COEPTIS”, it translates to “The Creator Favors Our Undertaking”. Why such a symbol would exist on a $1 bill comes from the fact that America’s founding fathers all believed in the principle of divine providence. They believed the Creator is the giver of prosperity. To them, money was not simply a medium of exchange for goods and services, it was primarily a medium of exchange for time and energy, which can then be used to buy goods and services. If one spent their time and energy upholding the Creator’s will, which is to be a productive member of society, live with virtue, provide value to the community, you’ll have more prosperity in your life, as well as the resources to continue your “favored” undertakings that don’t defy the Creator’s will, the natural laws of the world. Ultimately your time and energy is an undertaking that can only and ultimately be judged by the Creator and it is through the Creator that the fruits of your labor will be rewarded. Ideally, this was the plan in theory.

“Few men have virtue to withstand the highest bidder” – George Washington.

Of course, things do not play out this way in a world of people at the mercy of ego-driven vices that society’s reverence of money has caused. Money is only a medium for the exchange of energy, time and attention. It’s important to understand that money is not what will be held in high regard, your time and energy are what is given this priority. The principle of Annuit Coeptis states that the undertakings you chose to spend your time and energy on should not only benefit you but also those around you.

Wearing a Builders & Believers T-shirt won’t make you wealthy, but it will encourage you to think differently about how you spend your time and energy. We are all agents of change, regardless of how big or small our actions echo across the universe, our choice to build a better world for ourselves and our children is within our capability. One doesn’t need to listen to the news for long to realize that we are living in a time of division, among controllers who operate from a place of ego, rather than selfless leadership. The choices that the controllers are making are truly not of any favored undertaking, they are operating from a place of selfishness. Choose the light of Truth by supporting Builders & Believers, and always keep in mind that you’re a builder, capable, and integral to the great architecture of the collective conscious.



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